YES!! We have done all the required work to reopen the clubhouse this weekend.

We will be open from 2.30pm on Saturday 11th July.

There are lots of measures in place to keep all our members safe. Capacity has been reduced to 37 inside the clubhouse, we have a 1-way system and no standing allowed, are just a few! We will also be operating with contactless payments only.

We will be showing Live Football and you’ll be able to watch the results come in with Jeff!!!

This weekend will be a trial run. Please be patient with our bar staff, it will be new to them also. If you have any concerns, please bring them to our attention.

We’ve made the decision that children under 10 will not be allowed in the clubhouse for the first couple of openings, just while we see how all the new measures work.

Faringdon Town FC Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

  • Please use hand sanitisers available at the entrance and throughout the building
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines
  • Please use the 1-way system as marked
  • Only order from the bar in the marked area
  • Please do not move the tables and chairs
  • The capacity of the clubhouse has been limited 37
  • If there are no available tables, please wait outside or come back later
  • No standing, no sitting at the bar
  • Seek medical guidance immediately if you experience any symptoms of Covid-19 and please do not enter the clubhouse

Thank you for your understanding, we’re looking forward to seeing you all again!!
Faringdon Town FC