U13 Match Reports

Faringdon Town Blues FC 4 (1) V Bardwell (1)1

After a great training session on Wednesday concentrating on passing, the Blues came out playing some wonderful football, achieving everything but a goal. Having had 80% of the possession we disappointingly relaxed and allowed Bardwell to score a good goal on the break. Not giving up and keeping their discipline, Darion calmly evened things up with a cool collected goal.

Half time, Rob asked for more commitment and to keep passing the ball.
The Blue’s came out positively and dominated the second half starting with a cracking goal by Chloe following some great passing work.

The Blue’s Captain Dylon then scored the pick of the goals with an outstanding 25-yard strike that sank into the top right of the goal. Bardwell dug deep and having no subs displayed a very brave performance but tired towards the end when Chloe again scored to seal our victory.

Today displayed lots of positives but we can see that we can still improve further.

Player of the match was shared by Archie for an outstanding performance of commitment in defence and Dylon whose tenacity and encouragement shared on the pitch displayed an excellent Captain’s role.

Thanks again to Craig for running the line, you’re a diamond geezer.  Thumbs up.

U12 Blues Match Reports 2018-19

Hanney 2 (2) v Faringdon Town Blue’s FC 3 (1)

Outstanding team performance

Playing 11 aside, Hanney playing with the wind put the Blues under intense pressure concluding with an incredible in swinger of a goal sailing above all our defence. That was the key for the Blue’s to start playing.

Passing the ball around with great skill Darion got his head on a superb ball from the wing. Hanney then came back scoring a goal to finish the half one up. Rob encouraged the team to challenge harder and clear the defence quicker. The Blue’s came out and did exactly that, and with some great passing Dylon scored a blinding goal from 20 yds out.

Although Hanney kept the pressure on, the Blues outstanding team attitude was rewarded with a winning goal by Chloe. Although this was a friendly this was one of the best team performances beating a team 1 league above them who had only lost 1 game all season.  

Player of the match went the Brad whose leading and guiding role in defence was the key to the Blues success. Finally a word of thanks to Alfie and Leo from the Under 11s and to Ollie and RJ for helping us today it was great to see you guys.  Thumbs up and now please enjoy the rest of Mothering Sunday.

Florence Park 4 (1) v Faringdon Town Blue’s FC  3 (1)


On arrival, we all noted that we were playing on a much narrower pitch and we were advised that the oppositions manager had volunteered to step up to be ref.

The first half we fought hard for the ball maintaining most of the possession but we were holding on to the ball too long. Thankfully Chloe scored a cracking goal which was a just reward for our efforts.  Only to be counteracted by their star player who ripped through our midfield and defence.

Half time we emphasised about using the space of the small pitch and passing quicker.

Early in the 2nd half, Brad scored a great long distance goal giving us the upper hand. That’s when again their star player who has scored 43 of their 46 goals this season tore us apart by scoring another 3 goals. We simply couldn’t cope with this incredible player. Not giving up, the Blues fought until the very last minute, where Dan scored a great goalmouth scramble goal.

There are various reasons we lost but hopefully, the Blues will take today as another learning experience.

Player of the match was chosen by Gaz and was awarded to Joshua S-W for his great work in defence and his endless determination to win the ball. Thumbs up.

Faringdon Town Blues FC 2 (1) V Milton Town (1) 3

A battle to the very end

After a great team talk the Blues came out straight away all guns blazing with 2 very near misses in the first 10 mins. Then Milton hit us on the break with good goal. Not letting their heads go down the Blues continued to battle being rewarded with a clinical shot by Josh D to share the honours at half time.

Second half Milton had the wind behind them and put the Blues under intense pressure resulting with a goal after 7 mins. The Blue’s battled back and with rocket shot from Josh D the ball bounced on the inside of the bar and we believed it bounced over the line but neither the ref or linesman could confirm the whole ball had crossed and the goal wasn’t given.

Milton came back and received a dubious free kick outside the box as the ball hit the players face and not our defenders boot, from which they scored their 3rd. The Blue’s once again battled back and earned a clear penalty which Owee executed perfectly.  The last 5 mins were very intense but the equaliser didn’t come.

That was a brilliant game which will only improve our team’s experience. The league is now in the balance. We still remain top but Milton have their last game next weekend, l think they need to win by 3 clear goals to beat us.

Player of the match went to Owen Smith for his determination and superb positioning and passing throughout the game.

Rob, Gaz and l are extremely proud of every player, that has been a huge team effort over the past 6 games, every one of them has played their part. Thumbs up

Radley FC 1 (1) v Faringdon Town Blue’s FC 3 (1)


Having a delayed start due to volume of games at Radley, we started very brightly with Chloe scoring a great goal to settle our team down but then it appeared that the cold conditions got to them. This allowed Radley to come back into the game resulting with a good breakaway goal.

Half time, the team were asked to raise their game and be more committed. Playing into the wind the Blues passing improved and so did their determination. Darion scored 2 goals, one of which was a cracking low driven shot from 20 yards out. Player of the match went to Kylor for his organisation of the defence and the manner he could be heard above everyone else.

Today’s game was probably the most important 3 points of the season, 5 wins out of 5 and we’re almost there. Next weekend’s final game of the season at home against Milton, kick off 1130 hrs deserves great support.  Please come along and cheer on the Blues, as this could be one huge season to remember.  Thumbs up.

Barton FC 1 (0) v Faringdon Town Blue’s FC 4 (2)

Perseverance and Teamwork

Thankfully Rob found out yesterday the Blues were playing on a 3G pitch. It took the Blues most of the first half to get their technique and passing accustomed to this new surface. Thankfully they were rewarded with a great goal by Dylon giving them the upper hand and with virtually the last kick of the half Darion scored a lovely goal to give us the upper hand.

The second half the Blues came out more positively and worked together as a great team,  although against the run of play Barton scored followed by a period of 10 mins of intense pressure, which we calmly absorbed.  Thankfully Darion popped up and scored his second goal sinking the heads of our opposition. We continued the pressure and missed countless chances, but thankfully Chloe sealed the game with a tight-angled goal.

Player of the match went to Darion for his perseverance and 2 good goals. But today’s game again proved the benefits of great teamwork.

Also a wee note to welcome back Brad who has now returned after a long period off with an injury. Well done Blues, that’s 12 points out of 12. Thumbs up.

Grove FC 0 (0) v Faringdon Town Blues FC 1 (0)

Too much Christmas dinner

The Blues came out of the blocks slowly and methodically warmed themselves into a first half which lacked passion from either side. In fairness to our team this was their first time out for a month.

The second half,  saw lots more discipline, determination and eagerness to win the ball resulting with half a dozen attempts on goal. With 10 mins to go Owee lobbed the ball over the goalkeeper to give the Blues a well earned 3 points.

Training on Thursday night will see the team run off the remnants of any Christmas dinner and spray them all with WD40 to loosen off their joints ??Player of the match went to Chloe who must have covered around 8 kms in distance throughout the match. 

Well done Blues, we’re really pleased with 9 points out of 9. Thumbs up.

Faringdon Town Blues FC 4 (2) v Abingdon Town FC 2 (0)


On a very heavy, muddy pitch both teams established themselves well, with the Blues pressurising the opposition pinning them in their own half for 15 mins resulting with a great goal by Owee. Although Abingdon had a couple of attempts, our 2nd came from a rebound, where Darion buried the ball in the net.

Half time chat was all positive asking the Blues to maintain the pressure and quicken their passing. Abingdon came out strongly and with a lapse in concentration by the Blues they pulled it back to 2 v 1. The Blue’s responded with more pressure resulting with Abingdon scoring an own goal. Followed minutes later by a cracking shot from outside the box which the same unfortunate Abingdon player sliced into his own goal.  The Blue’s then had another lapse in concentration allowing Abingdon’s second. The discipline, communication and team effort was excellent today, resulting with a well earned 3 points.

Player of the match was shared by Owen Smith for his positional play discipline and by Dylon for his boundless energy performance. 

Well done to both of you, this was a great way for the Blues to finish 2018 with.

Thanks to Craig Gaynor who WAS volunteered to run the line.

On behalf of Rob, Gaz and l may we wish you all a wonderful festive season and a fit and healthy 2019. Thumbs up.

Faringdon Town Blues FC 4 (3) v Oxford United Girls FC 1 (0)


Oxford United Girls arrived very professionally in their colours and established themselves as a well set up team. Although the Blues had a secret up their sleeves, corners that even Gareth Southgate would be proud of. Within the first 7 mins, Owee delivered two excellent corners which Dylan very bravely executed with diving headers; absolutely brilliant.

The 3rd goal came from Owee with another excellent corner, where the ball unfortunately bounced off goalkeeper into her net. Rob gave a fair but strong chat to the Blues at half time as we could clearly up our game further. 

Oxford came out fighting strong in the 2nd half where the Blues maintained some discipline, resulting with Dylan finishing his wonderful hat-trick. Oxford came back even stronger resulting with a cracking goal. They followed this by hitting the post but the Blues worked hard to maintain the score until the ref blew the final whistle.

Player of the match was very tricky as Dylan had scored his 3 goals but it was given to Fraser who made some clinical saves during Oxford high pressured 2nd half. Fraser kept the score at 4 v 1 greatly frustrating Oxford’s great efforts.

Well played Blues, that’s a great start to the start of a new season. Thumbs up.

Faringdon Town Blues FC 13 (5) v Florence Park FC 0 (0)


Chloe 4, Darion 3, Max 3, Owee 3

This morning the Blues played a pre-season match against our friends from Florence Park who are in the league below us.
On a very heavy pitch the Blues immediately set upon Florence who were over powered by a ricochet of attacking play resulting with the Blues scoring 5 goals by half-time.

Having a full squad Rob n Gaz rotated the Blues to give the team a good run out while we currently struggle with the weather on training nights.
The second half saw a further 8 goals as the Blues gained buckets of confidence to prep them for the start of the season next week.  

Player of the match for their performance, goals and discipline went to Chloe and Max.

Well played guys, but personally l though our linesman was brilliant too!!!  Well played Blues we have a great potential. Thumbs up.